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The Alano Espanol

The Alano Espanol dog

Often referred to as the Spanish Bulldog, the Alano Espanol dog is a natural breed of dog that is native to Spain. It is a Molosser type of dog largely thought to have been introduced into Spain by the Alani tribesmen way back in the 5th century. The dog was initially kept for the purpose of guarding livestock. It was later used as a war dog and became very useful in guarding captured slaves. The dog is perhaps best known for its use as a bull baiting (not fighting) dog.

The Alano Espanol is basically a Molosser type of dog. It is a large dog that can weigh as much as 40 kg and stands at about 25 inches in height. It features short hair that is however very thick. You can easily identify the dog by its short muzzle and the concave lower jaw. The nose is characteristically large and broad. The same remains black. It has a very thick skin and appears to have wrinkles on the face. You can find this dog in black and brindle or sable wolf colors. Its chest can have white flashes.

As a guarding dog, the Alano Espanol is a highly sociable dog. Like other large dogs, it requires proper training from an early age to make it sociable to both family members and other dogs that may also be kept at home. A properly trained Alano Espanol dog will always remain loyal and obedient to its master.
The Alano Espanol breed of dog is one of the most cost effective dogs you can have at home as a pet.

It has no history of serious health problems, meaning that veterinary costs can be very minimal. The population of this breed of dog is however still very minimal. Apart from Spain, the breed can only be found in some parts of England and the USA.