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Pitfalls in Dog Training

dog training pitfalls

Dog training is essential to having a well-behaved pet. In order to achieve successful dog training, the trainer needs to avoid specific behavior that would be detrimental to the training of the dog. Additionally, the dog trainer, professional or otherwise, should not harbor certain expectations that would impede the progress of the training session.

Behaviors to Avoid During Dog Training

Losing your temper- If you lose your temper, you will most likely lose your dog’s respect. This is a big part of the training process. The trainer and the dog should have respect for each other. Losing your temper results in two things- an angry human being and a frightened animal. If you begin to realize that impatience is gettingthe bests of you and anger is beginning to set in, count to ten, take ten deep breaths, or take a break and work on something that your dog has already learned.

Impatience- Avoid impatience at all times since it tends to be nonproductive in regard to dog training. Don’t give up too readily. Persistence is a good thing when it comes to teaching and training a dog.

Al lowing the dog to be in charge- Dogs are known for being followers. They need a leader and if one isn’t presented to them, they will take over the role of leader.Therefore, it is essential that you assume the role of leader, or the individual in charge, from the very beginning of your relationship with your dog. If you do so, the dog will be easier to train and will get in a lot less trouble than if he were permitted to behave as if rules did not exist. A dog without guidelines is more likely to run into traffic, stray form home, or simply become an annoyance.

Lacking consistency- It is more effective to be consistent with your training rather than erratic. Repeat your commands until the dog I earns to follow them. As long as your patience holds up, you should continue working on a behavior until your dog is able to respond. Use positive reinforcement such as treats and praise to get your dog to respond.

Stopping before the training is complete- Since dogs are highly trainable, there are many things that you can teach them. Reach for the limit and train the dog to do more than simply stop on command. Dog training sessions challenge a dog. They help to keep the dog alert and content. The interaction between the d og and trainer can be a healthy one that not only teaches the dog newtricks, so to speak, but also, promotes his good health.

Expectations to Avoid During Dog Training

Expecting immediate results- Although it is true that dogs are highly intelligent and very trainable, the desired results are not going to happen overnight. It takes time to train a dog well. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the well-trained dogs that you see in the park or neighborhood were trained overnight. It took many weeks of very consistent practice and training sessions with dogs.

Expecting too much too soon- Dogs are not born with the instinct to behave in the manner that humans expect. They must be trained. This also means that the trainer must be skilled at what he is attempting to teach the dog. Allow for human error along with error on the part of the pet. This joint venture requires both participants to do their part. If the trainer isn’t a good teacher, the dog will not be a good student. Once you have your training techniques down to a science, including consistency, you should begin to see positive results

If you want to have a well-trained dog, then you need to do your part as well. Following the above suggestions should improve the chances of achieving successful training wit your dog.

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General Puppy Housebreaking

General Puppy Housebreaking

Housebreaking is extremely important when owning a dog and takes a considerable amount of time. There are several ways to relieve some of the housebreaking stress. Using puppy training pads can be very helpful when house training your young pet. It is important for the pet owner to balance quality potty training time with the puppy and having a life outside of training the puppy. A successful potty training experience for the owner and puppy will require time and patience.

This is crucial when establishing a good relationship among pet and owner. There are several house training techniques that are simple and effective. It is important to use techniques that work to prevent spending unnecessary extra time on the puppy housebreaking process. Learning how to properly train a young pet in the beginning will help tremendously. It is hard to effectively train a young pet if the owner is stressed out from unsuccessful house training techniques.

When puppies are young and first brought home, they do not understand that they need to potty outside. Puppies do not know how and when to use puppy training pads initially. They will not originally understand why they are being punished for eliminating in the wrong spot.

A puppy is just like an infant child in terms of learning when and where to eliminate waste. It is important to punish puppies in a proper and effective manner. If the young pet is being punished improperly they will think that they are in trouble for being seen eliminating instead of eliminating in the wrong spot. This concept is hard for many owner’s to understand without being properly educated about house training.

This may cause puppies to go potty in places that are not easily seen. This will cause the owner to spend extra time on house training the puppy. Teaching the puppy that training pads are located where urinating is allowed early will help the puppy understand that the owner is not mad about seeing them potty, but gets frustrated about where the terrible act is happening. Puppy training pads are actually scented to encourage pets to urinate on the pad when it is time to go.

Pet owner’s need to understand that their new young pet will have an extremely short attention span in the beginning. A puppy attention span only matures with age and proper training. This means that the puppy will not understand any wrongdoing unless the discipline is being administered during the incident. It is unfair to discipline a puppy for doing something wrong unless the owner actually sees the young pet doing wrong.

The pet owner must punish the young puppy that instant. Training a puppy can be very challenging and will definitely test any owner’s patience. Once the animal has been house trained to the owner’s standards an amazing bond will be formed.

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Traits of the Golden Retriever

golden retriever dog

Dogs in general Enjoy spending time together as a group. They simply connect better with other dogs. This is true for most breeds. Golden retrievers Are different however because they are known to favor the company of humans as opposed to that of their own species.

This is one correct to restrict rate of Golden retrievers. This type of breed Make excellent seen by dogs which are useful for the blind. They have also Always been known to get along well with children. They are intelligent and very talented so they are used by people for many different things.

Golden retrievers enjoy attention and they are playful animals. They enjoy the affection received by their owners And by people that the trust. They are very eager pleasers and are highly obedient. This is their strong point at dog shows.
Due to the fact that they’re very social creatures, it is very necessary for owners to integrate their golden retrievers in most family activities. For example when The family are out of the park it might be of great benefit to the dog’s happiness and mental health if it is taken along with the family. This type of dog breeds gets bored easily. It is also necessary for them to be taken out on regular walks.

Although golden retrievers are generally happy to spend time with kids, any type of adult dog should always be kept at a distance with small children. If the golden retriever Of the house was raised from a puppy to an adult dog then it will get along famously with the children. If it was brought in as an adult dog It will eventually adapt to the kids.

Sometimes children will tend to be nasty to animals and harass them as an act of playfulness. I mean those will sometimes not understand this and may react in an aggressive manner. For this reason it is always better to be safe than sorry And a certain distance should be kept between a small child and the dog. Golden retrievers are known to love swimming. They enjoyed playing in water. Since they are lovely, you won’t have issues adopting one at local shelter.

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Pet visit to THE VET

dog visits vet

If your dog is sick and you need to take them to a veterinarian so they can get better. Choosing the right veterinarian is a little bit hard are the most people think because you have to make sure that they’re getting the right care for the right price. Most people do not put a price of family dog because they are part of the family.

Losing a family dog can be very catastrophic to all members of the family especially when they’re getting so attached to them. Choosing the right veterinarian could mean that you have to does a little bit of research online before you find the right one. Here are few tips that will help you choose the right veterinarian for your pet just in case they get sick.

The veterinarian you choose should be fairly close to your residence. The reason why you want the veterinarian so close is that way you do not have to drive all over town in order to get them to the doctor. The Veterinarian should have access to all of the files on your dog every time you bring them to see the clinic. This way they know what your dog has been susceptible to end any medication that they have given the dog to make sure no other medications will interact with any other ones.

Another thing they have to consider when you’re choosing the veterinarian for your dog is the care that they give to your pet. You do not won a veterinarian added just sees the dog and says you need to do this and takes you out of the office. You need that personal touch between the veterinarians just in case you have any other questions about your dog. They should be the first person you go to if you have any of questions about the care of your dog.

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Intelligence Level Of Dog

smart dog advice

Most dog trainers and pet owners are expecting the intellect of their dogs to be just like humans especially during training. This wrong concept regarding dog psychology is quite disappointing to the dog and its owner.

It is not right for dog trainers to gauge the dog’s intellect against the principles of humans. Each dog has its own aptitude. If there is an instance where your dog does not show its talent, it is not a sign that the dog is stupid.
Labeling a dog as stupid can be destructive, just the same effect to humans if they are called stupid. When a dog is called as such, the owner will no longer train the dog.

Consequently, the dog will not learn anything. On the other hand, classifying a dog as intelligent can form improbable expectations that may lead to disappointment if it does not respond according to what is expected of it.

Sometimes, if we are expecting too much, we do not notice if the dog learns something from us. Lack of response from them does not always signify that canines do not have the capability of learning. The dogs actually learn; we just have to find the exact motivator in order to get them to respond.

The dogs may be intelligent, but their intellect cannot be gauged particularly if the standard is based on the measurement of another species. Despite the breed, most dogs are intelligent enough to understand and perform obedience to the commands during training. A trainer who utilizes stimulating training techniques and appreciation on the theories behind the dog’s learning process can change the behavior of dogs into good conduct.

If you need help regarding pet improvement, look for resources in public libraries in your areas and read articles about dog training. You can also check some shows on televisions about pets and the various articles on the Internet featuring dogs as pets.

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The Alano Espanol

The Alano Espanol dog

Often referred to as the Spanish Bulldog, the Alano Espanol dog is a natural breed of dog that is native to Spain. It is a Molosser type of dog largely thought to have been introduced into Spain by the Alani tribesmen way back in the 5th century. The dog was initially kept for the purpose of guarding livestock. It was later used as a war dog and became very useful in guarding captured slaves. The dog is perhaps best known for its use as a bull baiting (not fighting) dog.

The Alano Espanol is basically a Molosser type of dog. It is a large dog that can weigh as much as 40 kg and stands at about 25 inches in height. It features short hair that is however very thick. You can easily identify the dog by its short muzzle and the concave lower jaw. The nose is characteristically large and broad. The same remains black. It has a very thick skin and appears to have wrinkles on the face. You can find this dog in black and brindle or sable wolf colors. Its chest can have white flashes.

As a guarding dog, the Alano Espanol is a highly sociable dog. Like other large dogs, it requires proper training from an early age to make it sociable to both family members and other dogs that may also be kept at home. A properly trained Alano Espanol dog will always remain loyal and obedient to its master.
The Alano Espanol breed of dog is one of the most cost effective dogs you can have at home as a pet.

It has no history of serious health problems, meaning that veterinary costs can be very minimal. The population of this breed of dog is however still very minimal. Apart from Spain, the breed can only be found in some parts of England and the USA.

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How to – save money with pets


Having a pet can be quite expensive depending on the breed of dog and the size of your dog that you have. You have to make sure that they have the proper toys, food and supplies that you need to give them proper care. Some of these things can be quite expensive depending on what you’re trying to purchase and where you’re going to purchase the items that you need. Here are few tips that can save you money on some pet supplies but still be able to give your dog the proper care that they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Looking at the price of dog food can be astronomical because of the brand. You do not have to buy the most expensive brand of dog food as long as you make sure that it has the right nutritional value that your dog needs. Sometimes the least expensive Brands have the nutrients that your dog needs depending on the age and size of your dog.

Shopping online for your pet supplies can save you a lot of money. It also gives you the option to shop around and compare prices before you decide to commit to purchasing their supplies. Make sure you check out every pet store outlet to compare prices that way you do not spend more money than you need two to get the appropriate supplies you need for the proper care of your dog.

Other department stores such as Wal-Mart offer dog supplies for less. Make sure you that you check out the pet aisle to make sure that you get exactly which you need. Do not purchase the supplies just because you think you might need them. Only get the things that you need right away to maintain the care of your pet to save you money.

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The White Shepherd Dog

The White Shepherd Dog

The White shepherd dog is native to Germany. It is actually the offspring of the white German shepherd. Because of this, it has several common characteristics with the German shepherd dog. At times referred to as Canadian White shepherd dog, the white shepherd dog has become one of the most popular pet dogs in many homes across the globe.

This is one of the most loyal and obedient types of dogs you can come across. Its pure white color and elegance while standing and walking simply makes it a beautiful dog to look at. It is a medium sized dog that is muscularly built. Its ears stand erect most of the time. It moves graciously with long powerful strides. It has a proportional head to the body. It features a double coat with the outer coat being dense. The nose is predominantly black.

The White shepherd dog is a highly intelligent and is always self-assured. Although it remains poised, it is always alert and can develop eagerness as situation demands. It has a habit of develop very close attachment with those it is accustomed to and can be over protective. The dog is always aloof to strangers and will always remain very observant. Never aggressive, the White shepherd dog is easy to train and adapts to different environments very quickly. The dog prefers to be active and will get involved in play, especially with children.

This type of dog is very efficient when it comes to guarding homes and property. Its natural herding and hunting instincts allow it to roam around its territory, a very good attribute of a guarding dog. Because of its trainability, the dog is very popular in dog shows where it normally scoops awards. Like with other types of dogs, it is susceptible to several diseases. These include hip dysplasia, eye disease and skin disease. With proper veterinary care however, these diseases are easily prevented.

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Barbet Breed of Dog

Barbet Breed of Dog

The origin of this breed of dog remains somehow unclear. However, the name “Barbet” that comes from the French word barble, which literally translates to beard makes the dog to be thought to have originated in France. It was traditionally kept for the purpose of retrieving waterfowls.

The expression “as muddy as a barbet” actually stems from the dog’s muddy nature after it has indulged in what it knows best; retrieving waterfowls from such locations as estuaries and wetlands. It is therefore a water dog that is useful as other water dogs as the Portuguese water dog.

The efficiency of the Barbet in water made it very popular with sailors and homeowners living around water bodies. The dog actually played the role of assistant to sailors in early 18th century. Apart from France, the Barbet is now a very popular dog in Scandinavian countries as an all-round dog. Its popularity has of late spread to the US, having been imported from Europe and Canada.

As a water dog, the Barbet is not only light but also highly versatile. It has very powerful legs that help it in swimming. You can find this breed of dog in solid colors of black, brown, grey or white. It can weigh as much as 60 Pounds and stand at a height of 25 inches.

The Barbet is a very gentle dog that does very good as an indoor pet. It has a particular liking for water and the same should be provided in a large container outdoors where it can partake in swimming, which also serves as exercise. It is one of the dogs that gets along very well with children and often feels bored without any dog activity. Although it remains aloof to strangers only watching from a distance, it can easily attack when provoked. It is a very healthy dog that has minimal health challenges.

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Understanding Thyroid Disease


Thyroid disease in dogs and cats is not uncommon and if left untreated can lead them to suffer in great pain. This is a hormonal imbalance that can affect animals of all breeds and core of this problem comes from the thyroid gland.

It may become overactive and is not functioning properly causing a wide range of symptoms from being lethargic to more serious conditions like having seizures and putting on huge amounts of weight.

Treating your pet with drugs such as Soloxine has to be a part in curing your pet, but you should also look at their diet. Here are some natural remedies that one can use and will not have any side effects that are caused by strong medicines.

• Ginseng roots are something that is used both in humans and animals. It has very powerful healing abilities and helps revive the natural ecosystem. It can also give them extra energy and bolster their immune system making their overall well-being a lot better.

• Astragalus roots are ideal for dogs that have undergone serious treatment for thyroid disease. Again like ginseng it can help revitalise the body giving it natural ingredients and energy it needs to recover. This supplement is particularly good for any animal recovering from chemotherapy.

• Thyforon is a prescription drug that is both available from the vets and online. Its properties for calming down the effects of thyroid disease as a long-time treatment are well documented and proven and you will find that it is recommended by a lot of veterinary surgeons.

These just a few ways to understand the thyroid hormone imbalance in your pet and treating it before, during, and after any surgery or heavy drug treatment. There is also a prescription drug called Prascend that has very good reputation for curing and helping your pet live with thyroid disease. It is also recommended for those who have horses.