Barbet Breed of Dog

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Barbet Breed of Dog

The origin of this breed of dog remains somehow unclear. However, the name “Barbet” that comes from the French word barble, which literally translates to beard makes the dog to be thought to have originated in France. It was traditionally kept for the purpose of retrieving waterfowls.

The expression “as muddy as a barbet” actually stems from the dog’s muddy nature after it has indulged in what it knows best; retrieving waterfowls from such locations as estuaries and wetlands. It is therefore a water dog that is useful as other water dogs as the Portuguese water dog.

The efficiency of the Barbet in water made it very popular with sailors and homeowners living around water bodies. The dog actually played the role of assistant to sailors in early 18th century. Apart from France, the Barbet is now a very popular dog in Scandinavian countries as an all-round dog. Its popularity has of late spread to the US, having been imported from Europe and Canada.

As a water dog, the Barbet is not only light but also highly versatile. It has very powerful legs that help it in swimming. You can find this breed of dog in solid colors of black, brown, grey or white. It can weigh as much as 60 Pounds and stand at a height of 25 inches.

The Barbet is a very gentle dog that does very good as an indoor pet. It has a particular liking for water and the same should be provided in a large container outdoors where it can partake in swimming, which also serves as exercise. It is one of the dogs that gets along very well with children and often feels bored without any dog activity. Although it remains aloof to strangers only watching from a distance, it can easily attack when provoked. It is a very healthy dog that has minimal health challenges.

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