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Most dog trainers and pet owners are expecting the intellect of their dogs to be just like humans especially during training. This wrong concept regarding dog psychology is quite disappointing to the dog and its owner.

It is not right for dog trainers to gauge the dog’s intellect against the principles of humans. Each dog has its own aptitude. If there is an instance where your dog does not show its talent, it is not a sign that the dog is stupid.
Labeling a dog as stupid can be destructive, just the same effect to humans if they are called stupid. When a dog is called as such, the owner will no longer train the dog.

Consequently, the dog will not learn anything. On the other hand, classifying a dog as intelligent can form improbable expectations that may lead to disappointment if it does not respond according to what is expected of it.

Sometimes, if we are expecting too much, we do not notice if the dog learns something from us. Lack of response from them does not always signify that canines do not have the capability of learning. The dogs actually learn; we just have to find the exact motivator in order to get them to respond.

The dogs may be intelligent, but their intellect cannot be gauged particularly if the standard is based on the measurement of another species. Despite the breed, most dogs are intelligent enough to understand and perform obedience to the commands during training. A trainer who utilizes stimulating training techniques and appreciation on the theories behind the dog’s learning process can change the behavior of dogs into good conduct.

If you need help regarding pet improvement, look for resources in public libraries in your areas and read articles about dog training. You can also check some shows on televisions about pets and the various articles on the Internet featuring dogs as pets.

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