The White Shepherd Dog

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The White Shepherd Dog

The White shepherd dog is native to Germany. It is actually the offspring of the white German shepherd. Because of this, it has several common characteristics with the German shepherd dog. At times referred to as Canadian White shepherd dog, the white shepherd dog has become one of the most popular pet dogs in many homes across the globe.

This is one of the most loyal and obedient types of dogs you can come across. Its pure white color and elegance while standing and walking simply makes it a beautiful dog to look at. It is a medium sized dog that is muscularly built. Its ears stand erect most of the time. It moves graciously with long powerful strides. It has a proportional head to the body. It features a double coat with the outer coat being dense. The nose is predominantly black.

The White shepherd dog is a highly intelligent and is always self-assured. Although it remains poised, it is always alert and can develop eagerness as situation demands. It has a habit of develop very close attachment with those it is accustomed to and can be over protective. The dog is always aloof to strangers and will always remain very observant. Never aggressive, the White shepherd dog is easy to train and adapts to different environments very quickly. The dog prefers to be active and will get involved in play, especially with children.

This type of dog is very efficient when it comes to guarding homes and property. Its natural herding and hunting instincts allow it to roam around its territory, a very good attribute of a guarding dog. Because of its trainability, the dog is very popular in dog shows where it normally scoops awards. Like with other types of dogs, it is susceptible to several diseases. These include hip dysplasia, eye disease and skin disease. With proper veterinary care however, these diseases are easily prevented.

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