Understanding Thyroid Disease

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Thyroid disease in dogs and cats is not uncommon and if left untreated can lead them to suffer in great pain. This is a hormonal imbalance that can affect animals of all breeds and core of this problem comes from the thyroid gland.

It may become overactive and is not functioning properly causing a wide range of symptoms from being lethargic to more serious conditions like having seizures and putting on huge amounts of weight.

Treating your pet with drugs such as Soloxine has to be a part in curing your pet, but you should also look at their diet. Here are some natural remedies that one can use and will not have any side effects that are caused by strong medicines.

• Ginseng roots are something that is used both in humans and animals. It has very powerful healing abilities and helps revive the natural ecosystem. It can also give them extra energy and bolster their immune system making their overall well-being a lot better.

• Astragalus roots are ideal for dogs that have undergone serious treatment for thyroid disease. Again like ginseng it can help revitalise the body giving it natural ingredients and energy it needs to recover. This supplement is particularly good for any animal recovering from chemotherapy.

• Thyforon is a prescription drug that is both available from the vets and online. Its properties for calming down the effects of thyroid disease as a long-time treatment are well documented and proven and you will find that it is recommended by a lot of veterinary surgeons.

These just a few ways to understand the thyroid hormone imbalance in your pet and treating it before, during, and after any surgery or heavy drug treatment. There is also a prescription drug called Prascend that has very good reputation for curing and helping your pet live with thyroid disease. It is also recommended for those who have horses.

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