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Swedish Vallhund dog

Swedish Vallhund’s popularity is not restricted to Sweden. Its popularity has spread to such other countries as Canada, USA and some European countries. This is one of the oldest natural breed of dogs still in existence.

Commonly referred to as the “Viking Dog”, the Swedish Vallhund was traditionally kept as a heading, guarding and as a farm dog where it was very efficient in catching vermins. It is one of the best guarding dogs that you can find.

The Swedish Vallhund is a strong and muscularly built dog whose appearance is a show of power. A male mature dog can weigh as much as 40 pounds and stand at a height of 35 cm. Females tend to be smaller. The legs are characteristically short but very strong. You can find this dog in varied coat colors including black, brown, white or a mixture of these colors.

This breed of dog is mostly kept as an outdoor family dog. It turns out to be very useful as a companion as well as a guarding dog. It particularly loves human attention and constantly seeks its master’s attention. It remains highly devoted to its master and other family members and can at times be over-protective. It is a highly responsive dog that is very easy to train. Although not aggressive, the dog remains wary of strangers. It monitors the movements of a stranger and can easily attack in case a stranger partakes in an activity it considers unacceptable. It therefore requires constant monitoring and is best kept on a leash.

Like other large breed of dogs, the Swedish Vallhund is susceptible to hip dysplasia and cardiac diseases. It therefore requires regular exercises, proper diet and regular veterinary care to minimize the occurrence of these diseases. It is an otherwise very economical dog to have as a pet.

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